© bigOmuziq

Artful Deliverance


There's close to 200 countries, 5,000 religions.

24,900 miles of distance,

Around our existence,

Earth; this world we live in.


Filled with 8 billion men, women and children,

Of all shapes and pigments, and all raised as infants,

On flags, cultures, traditions,

But, all these statistics really make no difference!


You see, we're really all the same it's just hard co-existing,

When our hearts start to go missing,

We depart from who we are, things fall apart,

then D I V I S I O N


Suspicion and killing, based off wrongful convictions,

And unconscious opinions,

Contradictory politics and false television,

Persistent flaunting and wishing,

Imprisoned by want, not what's given,

Malnutrition on the streets, yet we starve in our kitchens!


We starve just for fitness, tear people apart over business,

All driven by ambitions conditioned on greed and competition,

I thought we were smarter, what is this?


We've got docs and physicians, working jobs just for riches,

Unwilling to write prescriptions for a box of assistance,

Vicious villains and politicians, with grips on power positions,

That all know how to talk, yet somehow cannot listen!


So quick to shift, quit, rip our petitions, and make coward decisions, 

but, that’s got me thinking….

“is this all without permission?"


No, see, maybe our constant addictions and conduct consisting, 

Of repetitious robotic talking and texting,

Has stopped us from thinking, let's stop our conscience from sinking,

Before our thoughts all go missing,

Before our options are gone, and our losses start winning,

Because silently living through a toxic process ain’t living,

You've got to SPEAK, and let them call it resistance!


Cuz’ a serene war led by ink and art forms, 

does much more to lead people closer towards

Real freedom, 

Something rarely achieved by guns and swords, for


All it takes is the stroke of a pen or a brush, 

to help the cries of the world and the hope that's been crushed,

 Survive and rebuild, return to opening up,

All the eyes that were filtered, whose soul (sole) focus was shut.


You see, the point is, maybe we should feel disappointed,

At our lack of voices, acting like it’s pointless,

When we think like that it sure is, so let's expand our choices,

Join in, and make some noise and make some noise until the points hit.


Now if you agree with none, some, or all of the above,

The least you can do is stand up and show the world the power of